Finn Bay Farm Retreat

Finn Bay Farm Retreat (FBF) was created and continues to grow as a place to welcome visitors from around the world to a multitude of experiences in a small piece of paradise.  Whether used as a base to hike the beautiful Sunshine Coast Trail, take the Water Taxi to Savary Island for a day on an exquisite sandy beach, or sea kayak to the magnificent Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park, our luxury cabins are the ideal place to stay.


We offer our guests the ability to experience the outdoors with the ability to come “home” to a roaring winter fire in one of the cottages or to sit in a hot tub on the private deck and experience the stars in darkest sky imaginable.  Whether you’re on your own, with your family, or having a romantic getaway, FBF is the place where you can venture out to one of the excellent nearby restaurants, or stay in cook or barbecue a homemade meal. FBF is the ideal place to experience the outdoors and the amenities of home all in one amazing spot.

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Who We Are

Finn Bay Farm (FBF) operates based on four foundational values dear to our owner/operator’s heart.

Naturally Grown Food

In 2019, Finn Bay Farm (FBF) will enter its third year of operation. Our first naturally grown vegetable garden was planted in 2018 with great success, and one of the great joys at the farm is inviting retreat guests to help themselves to the vegetables in the garden.  It is especially great to see both adults and children harvesting vegetables and taking them back to their cabins for dinner. Growing food is one of the key foundations of FBF and we love to share with all who come.



FBF will host its first music camp in Summer 2019. Details will be announced early that year.  Music is another foundation at FBF and over the coming years, we expect to host several music camps a year as well as several concert events each year on the Big Pond Lawn.

Music has been the operator’s career for 45 plus years and we have a deep-felt belief in the strong benefit of live music. Recent research states that going to gigs “directly links high levels of well-being with a lifespan increase of nine years.”



FBF is a dog-friendly place to visit, and we love to meet our guests’ pups. Our owner/operator has three rescue dogs of his own and is a fervent believer in the obligation we have to look after “man’s best friend” – especially those who need our help the most. At FBF we are advocates of providing homes for the thousands of dogs in rescues and shelters who otherwise have a very limited future. Click here for a video we love about the joy of giving a forever home to the thousands of beautiful dogs living a difficult and often short life in shelters today.

Finn Bay Farm Retreat Dogs


FBF is a place where “getting in touch with nature” is part of our everyday experience. This might be reaching out to touch a cedar bough as we pass, or saying hello to one of the magnificent arbutus trees on the bluff above the farm area.

It could also be calling a greeting back to the Raven couple who make FBF their home or the Great Blue Heron taking off in majestic slow motion from the Big Pond. A quiet moment with Dawn the alder tree at the edge of the Big Pond Lawn is a beautiful way to express our gratitude for our very special place and give thanks to all living things that make this place their home.


Coming Soon

Over the next several years, Finn Bay Farm will continue to turn our vision to reality. We will be constructing a year-round retreat venue for a variety of uses including seminars, meditation, yoga retreats and more. Addition authentic Mongolian yurts will be also built to increase guest capacity. And, for the enjoyment of our guests, a Mediterranean plaza with a wood burning pizza oven (the fig trees and olive tree are already planted awaiting your visit!)